Uperio Heroes


Take a look behind the scenes with our Uperio Heroes. Be inspired by our heroes’ unique stories, their passion, and their knowledge. From design engineers and key account managers to sales team leaders and service managers – they all have their own stories to tell: about what they are doing for Uperio and what working at Uperio means to them.

Uperio Heroes 01: 
Wesley Leeten, design engineer

What‘s nice about my job is that there is a lot of variety. There is something new, almost every day.

— Wesley Leeten

More than 20 years ago, Wesley Leeten applied to UPERIO Belgium because he admired our tower cranes.

Today, Wesley designs new prototypes and improves existing models as a valued member of the engineering team.

Uperio Heroes 02: 
Dieter Van Orshaegen, key account manager

Since I started working here, I see cranes everywhere.

— Dieter Van Orshaegen

Dieter Van Orshaegen started his career at UPERIO Belgium as an application engineer.

Later, the knowledge he gained about our cranes helped him quite a bit in his role as operations manager, and it still does today: he is now key account manager and team leader Rental for Belgium.

UPERIO Heroes 03: 
Monika Lachnit, Team Lead, crane rental

Monika, of course you’ll do fine renting out cranes.

— Monika Lachnit

With these words, Monika Lachnit was convinced to seize her opportunity at UPERIO Germany. 

By now, as Team Lead, crane rental in Zülpich, Germany, she is an indispensable expert in UPERIO's international network.

UPERIO Heroes 04: 
Rémy Béthys, Chief Technician

I love climbing cranes. The more complex the projects, the more I enjoy them.

— Rémy Béthys

Rémy Béthys began his career at UPERIO in 2011 as an assistant technician, inspired by his father who had been working at UPERIO for over 30 years. Through hard work and dedication, he rose to the position of chief technician in 2021.

Uperio Heroes 05:
Markus Gerhards, Service Manager

In 1993 I installed my first Arcomet tap, and my heart has remained with UPERIO ever since.

— Markus Gerhards

Markus Gerhards has been part of UPERIO Germany for many years. He started as a service technician in 1999 and steadily grew to his current role as service manager.

Our Uperio Heroes provide insight into our unique culture and working environment, where innovation, passion, and collaboration are key elements. With their dedication, our employees make a difference. Every day.

At Uperio, we always aim high.