Potain MD265B1 J10 - Spie Batignolles

UPERIO crane for one of France’s largest construction companies

At the end of February, our team from Grenay erected a Potain MD265B1 J10 top slewing tower crane for our customer Spie Batignolles. The crane is used at the customer's depot in Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines in the French department of Pas-De-Calais to handle material for the many different construction sites that Spie Batignolles supplies from here.
The crane is mounted on a V60A rail chassis and, with a 60 m jib long a hook height of 29.6 m, achieves a lifting capacity of 3.5 t at the tip of the jib. 

Spie-Batignolles, one of the largest construction companies in France, has leased the crane on a long-term basis after reviewing many different options together with the UPERIO team. The transaction is a good example of how UPERIO makes its customers' jobsites more productive.

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UPERIO has many branches in its countries of operation and is known for its extremely efficient fleet management: we are always close to you and can transfer cranes between depots as needed, giving you quick access to high-quality cranes. This keeps your jobsite productive.

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