second-hand Potain MC-85 "City Crane"

UPERIO delivers second-hand Potain MC-85 to the island of beauty

In April, our customer EGEPP, a construction company based in Sarrola-Carcopino, Corsica, acquired a second-hand Potain MC-85 "City Crane" from UPERIO. The crane was delivered from mainland France directly to its first construction site, which lives up to Corsica's byname "Island of Beauty": the hotel that is undergoing renovation is located just a few hundred meters from the northern tip of the Îles Sanguinaires archipelago off the capital Ajaccio.

EGEPP, who enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the island, is planning on a long "second life" for its MC-85, foreseeing numerous assignments on a wide variety of construction sites. Before being delivered to EGEPP the Potain tower crane was equipped with new components and repainted. This sale is excellent proof that it is possible to utilize assets such as cranes in a resource-saving and sustainable way for many years without having to manufacture new equipment. In this way, we are living up to UPERIO’s claim of “rising together for a better world".

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