Atlantic Quay

Uperio supports Atlantic Quay project in Glasgow

Atlantic Quay is Glasgow's fast growing city quarter set within the commercial heart of Glasgow. It is able to meet the most stringent needs of today's modern occupiers.

Our customer Graham Construction, a major UK contractor who operates 15 different locations in the UK has been commissioned for a residential project that is part of Atlantic Quay. For this project our UPERIO Scotland team set up two tower cranes. The first crane, a Terex CTL80, went up in October 2021. The second one, a Saez S65, has been mounted in December 2021. The cranes have been rented for at least 18 months.

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UPERIO has many branches in its countries of operation and is known for its extremely efficient fleet management: we are always close to you and can transfer cranes between depots as needed, giving you quick access to high-quality cranes. This keeps your jobsite productive.

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