Couvent de la Visitation

UPERIO sets up Potain MDT 319 tower crane at spectacular construction site in Nice

Every construction site is different. But some have very special challenges. The "Couvent de la Visitation", a former monastery, in the middle of the historic city center of Nice, is to be restored and converted into a hotel in a careful, sustainable way.
The location of the monastery in the narrow city center directly on a slope poses very special challenges for the construction site logistics. The planning for the ideal installation of the tower crane that UPERIO delivered alone took ten months.
Thus, first of all, a huge platform had to be created, adjacent to the road above. This platform had to be able to support the 100 t mobile crane used to erect the tower crane, a Potain MDT319. The platform will later also be used to deliver material that the crane places on the construction site. 
Despite the challenges, the UPERIO team was able to quickly set up the crane, which is now doing its job to everyone's satisfaction.

The Potain MDT319 has been rented by the Fayat Group, one of the largest construction companies in France; and the crane will be on site for approximately 24 months.

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