Hamburg - Burstah quarter

UPERIO cranes in downtown Hamburg

Right in the heart of Hamburg's city center, where the history of the trading city began in the eleventh century, the HOCHTIEF group is erecting four ultra-modern, innovative new buildings in the Burstah quarter, with apartments, restaurants and commercial space. Designed by the renowned architectural firm M&P, the four buildings complement the historic Globushof to create a neighborhood with Hanseatic character and a lively atmosphere. 

To support the project UPERIO Deutschland had leased four cranes to our customer, the construction company HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH Building Hannover, until March 2022. The last crane to “leave the site” was a Terex CTT332 flat-top crane: it was dismantled on March 25 and 26, 2022. The following top-slewing tower cranes were used in the construction project for approx. 18 months from May 2020: One Terex CTT332, two Potain MDT 189 and one Potain MDT219. Kathleen Brzeski and Ralf Rehmann were responsible for this important project.


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