Technical information

Arcomet A42, used crane

  • Jib  length 42m x 1.100Kg
  • Max.lifting capacity: 4.000Kg
  • Hoist winch 11Kw
  • Hook heights: 25m and 30,5m
  • Ballast
  • Radio remote control
  • Job site axles, unbreaked
  • Fully technically checked by factory
  • Repainted max. 2 colors
  • Or complete factory overhaul Rebuild eco hoisting motor included
  • Jib publicity panels
  • Jib lighting

Subject to availability
Factory Uperio Belgium BE-3583 Paal-Beringen

Delivery time to be agreed

Reference pictures

Contact: Dirk Vanschoonbeek
+3211450963 - +32477687858 -