Belgian Roof Day

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The OPTI crane is a practical solution that is fast to set up by just one person, has the capacity to lift up to 1500 kg and can simply be towed with a pickup truck. It was recognized by many visitors as an ideal partner for the roofing industry.

More than 4500 visitors at the Belgian Roof Day discovered that the OPTI is engineered to be placed close to the building site, thus optimizing jib efficiency and performance. Many interested professionals were delighted to learn that UPERIO’s solutions are built upon both the highest industry standards and a strong sustainability strategy, helping them to achieve extraordinary results in a future-proof manner.

The very well-organized Belgian Roof day was a pleasant experience resulting in many interesting new contacts, prospects, and actual sales. UPERIO attended for the first time and, looking back on the wonderful atmosphere and successful results, will gladly return to the Belgian Roof Day next year!